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C# Sample Code for Edgeport USB-to-Serial Converter?

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I'm looking to get started with a C# app, communicating RS-232 via an Edgeport USB-to-Serial Converter. Would appreciate some C# examples.
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asked Sep 13, 2017 in USB Serial by DaveDDigi New to the Community (0 points)
I've since figured this out, in case anyone else has similiar questions.

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1 Answer

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If you try to run the executable on a machine with no comms port in the Device Manager it will crash, I will when I have chance correct this!, to get around this please ensure a Communication Port available in Device Manager.
RS-232 is the best know method of PC Communications, the characteristics of RS232 is a logic 1 (true) is can range from -3v to -25v a logic 0 (false) +3v to +25v. The area of -3v to 0 to +3v is taken as not valid to allow for noise and interference on the line. If the port is idle the port is at high level (or -12v), which is why if you look at circuit diagrams of peripherals there is always to a lot of invertors. RS-485 detailed at the end, RS-422 & RS-449 and on to allow very long cable runs and high speeds all follow the same basic path.
answered Sep 25, 2017 by alvina35 New to the Community (8 points)
Thank you. This does not really address my question, but I have since figured it out and I appreciate the answer.