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What's the best way to implement an RF kill for XBP9XT?

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I want to implement a hardware RF kill so that the XBP9XT will instantly turn off its RF block. My first though is to pull RESET low. Questions:

1. Will that stop the RF immediately?
2. Is that the best way to do it?


asked Oct 19, 2017 in XTend by cread57 New to the Community (0 points)
recategorized Oct 20, 2017 by michaelt

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1 Answer

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No, try using the Shutdown pin. That puts the module to a sleeping state.
answered Oct 24, 2017 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (12,786 points)
Looking at the documentation for the XBP9XT I don't see a shutdown pin.  I have seen them on other Digi radios, but the word shutdown doesn't occur in the documentation I have.
Sorry that was on the older hardware type B. For the SMT version you would use the sleep pin (Pin 10) and use sleep mode.