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WR31 - Firewall rule syntax to allow ping?

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What is the proper syntax to allow ping through the firewall. I have the firewall active on PPP 1
asked Nov 30, 2017 in Digi Connect Cellular by rawilson3 New to the Community (1 point)

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2 Answers

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Are you trying to allow Outbound pings, or Inbound pings?

Are you using the default firewall rules?
answered Dec 8, 2017 by jeremym Veteran of the Digi Community (1,687 points)
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pass in log break end proto icmp from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/xx to addr-ppp 1 inspect-state

Inbound ICMP can be from ANY or from a range

If you are pinging from the LAN and have the FW on the PPP 1 then you shouldn't need a rule.
answered Dec 22, 2017 by basicdave New to the Community (3 points)