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Connect WAN 3G 'forgets' SIM profile settings -> how to bring internet back?

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Hello everyone,

I am struggling with several of my Connect WAN 3G modems 'forgetting' their SIM profile settings. The results is that while the deviced are still responding to SMS the internet connection is not active. I know from earlier cases that re-entering the SIM profile information would fix this issue. However, some of my devices are located very remotely and I cannot go there easily to fix them. Also they are not accessible through the web interface, since there is no active internet connection. So all I am left with is SMS configuration.

I already tried to bring back several settings such as

set mobile index=1 provider=european carrier=#####
set mobileppp index=1 pap_id=xxxxxx pap_password=xxxxxx

Still, I cannot get the internet connection to work. From the show mobile and display pppstats commands I can see that while all settings seem alright, the ppp mobile0 connection is still "inactive".

Can you please help me out and maybe guide a way in which I could fix my devices remotely?

Thank you very much!
asked Dec 22, 2017 in Digi Connect Cellular by foxpwn New to the Community (3 points)

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