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XBee SX module coordinated cyclic sleep mode

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Hi. I'm testing some 900 MHz XBee SX modules with the XBIB-U-SS test boards. I'm trying to establish a DigiMesh network with a single synchronous sleep coordinator (my base) and N (so far one) leaf nodes. I'm using XCTU for testing.

I'm trying to understand the sleep modes, and I don't seem to be able to use the DIO9 sleep indication functionality or the device doesn't actually sleep at all.

My base configuration is:
BR = 0 (10 kbps)
CE = 0 (Standard Router)
SM = 8 (synchronous cyclic sleep mode)
SO = 0x21 (bit 0 = preferred sleep coordinator, bit 5 = disable coordinator rapid sync deployment mode)
SP = 1F4 (5000 ms)
ST = 7D0 (2000 ms)
NH = 0x04 (Network Hops)
NN = 0x03 (Network Delay Slots)
MT = 0x03 (Broadcast Multi-Transmits)
D9 = 1 (ON/Sleep)

My node 1 configuration is:
BR = 0 (10 kbps)
CE = 1 (Indirect message coordinator)
SM = 8 (synchronous cyclic sleep mode)
SO = 0x02 (bit 1 = non-sleep coordinator)
SP = 32 (500 ms - this should be overridden by the network)
ST = 7D0 (1500 ms - also this)
D9 = 1 (ON/Sleep)

The devices see each other; I can transmit data between them using the API console (strangely, I see no off-times here, which suggest no node is sleeping). The RSSI indicator turns on for three seconds on a 36 second cycle. I expected it to go on a 2/7 second cycle. Accordingly, DIO9 is always high (LED is always on). If I change the D9 setting I can turn on/off the LED manually, but it seems it doesn't follow the sleep status of the modules or the modules don't sleep at all.

After some stabilization time, Node 1 shows SS=0x1040 (reserved + deployment mode). The base shows SS=0x42 (deployment mode + sleep coordinator).

Both modules are running firmware 9004 (latest); device label says "XB9X-DMUS-001-revD".

My questions are:

1) Are the devices actually sleeping? (I expect at least node 1 to sleep).
2) If 1 is yes, why DIO9 doesn't follow the sleep status?
3) Why the strange cycle time for the RSSI LEDs? Shouldn't it be 7 seconds instead of 33?
4) How can I get the modules to sleep? Is anything missing from my config?

Thanks in advance,

asked Feb 21, 2018 in DigiMesh Proprietary Mesh Networking by guillep2k New to the Community (0 points)

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