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how to enable watch expressions on BL2000

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error is "watch support not enabled on target" bl2000
asked Mar 26, 2018 in Rabbit by bobcxxx New to the Community (4 points)

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1 Answer

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There is a sample demo that allows you to update the watch expression while running.


Z-World, 1999

Demonstration of using the Jackrabbit Development Board

This program will repeatedly flash LED DS3 on the Jackrabbit Development Board
(bit 2 on port A). This program also shows the use of the runwatch()
function to allow Dynamic C to update watch expressions while running.
To test this:

1. add a watch expression for "k" under "Inspect:Add/Del Watch Expression"
2. click "Add to top" so that it will be permanently in the watch list
3. while the program is running, type Ctrl+U to update the watch window

// Set a default of declaring all local variables "auto" (on stack)
#class auto

// C programs require a main() function
void main()
static int j; // define an integer j to serve as a loop counter
static int k; // define a counter k to test the watch expression with

// Write 84 hex to slave port control register which initializes parallel
// port A as an output port (port A drives the LED's on the development board).

WrPortI(SPCR, &SPCRShadow, 0x84);

k=0; // initialize k to zero

// now write all ones to port A which sets outputs high and LED's off

WrPortI(PADR, &PADRShadow, 0xff);

while(1) { // begin an endless loop

BitWrPortI(PADR, &PADRShadow, 1, 2); // turn LED DS3 off

for(j=0; j<25000; j++)
; // time delay loop

BitWrPortI(PADR, &PADRShadow, 0, 2); // turn LED DS3 on

for(j=0; j<1000; j++)
; // time delay loop

k++; // increment k
runwatch(); // update watch expressions for Dynamic C to read

} // end while loop

} // end program
answered Mar 26, 2018 by Campbell Veteran of the Digi Community (916 points)