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Xbee 865/868 LP RF

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I'am very new to this forum and i whant to ask you some question befor ordering this module.

So my project is as follow :
I whant to creat a network using 4 Xbee 865/868.
A microcontroleur (or the Xbee itself) gonna have 9 gpio in input mode to read information from a device. According to this information he will ask the Xbee to send order to the 3 other Xbee module which are each connected to a microcontroleur (or not) to control relay according to this order.

The distance between the first modul and the three other is 20 meters max. The systeme is gonna work inside with a lot of obstacle.

Now here are my questions :
- Is it possible to creat this network with this module ?
- Can i use an arduino with the Xbee 865/868 module ?
- Can i implement the zigbee protocol instead of the digiMesh proprietari protocol ?
- Can i use the embedded microcontroleur to control the relay ?
- Can i use the embedded microcontroleur to read digital information from an other device ?
- Can i have AES 128 security in these systeme ?
- Can i implement acknowledgement in this network ?

Thank you for your answers!

asked Apr 24, 2018 in IEEE 802.15.4 by pierre33 New to the Community (4 points)

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