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send api command in cyclic sleep mode

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I have a coordinator XBEE S2C running FW 4059 and an end device, same HW, running the same FW version. The end device is in transparent mode and sends data periodically, then sleeps. I have it configured for cyclic sleep mode with 7.95 sec sleep and wait to sleep for 50 ms. The coordinator is in API mode, broadcast mode (DH - 0, DL - FFFF) so that I can send remote AT commands to toggle the GPIO on the end device. The periodic data transmission is working when testing in XCTU, but whenever I try to send a remote AT command from the coordinator, sometimes it returns a (Status OK) but doesn't toggle the pin. Sometimes it returns a (TX failure).

I assume I'm missing something about how to send commands while in cyclic sleep mode. Thanks!
asked Apr 27, 2018 in IEEE 802.15.4 by JBaczuk New to the Community (0 points)

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