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Xbee Data issues after extended sleep period.

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Hi all. I am relatively new to Xbee technology but I seem to have encountered an issue that I can't resolve. My setup is as follows:

I am using a Adafruit Feather ESP8266 that connects via to the internet via wifi and is hardwired to an Xbee S2C as a coordinator. The coordinator is monitoring several Xbee S2C End Devices that are set up to periodically sample some sensor data (1 digital input for a magnetic switch and 1 ADC input for end-device battery voltage) then return to extended sleep. All Xbee's are running the latest firmware (4060). I have the Xbee End Devices set for Broadcast (DH=0, DL=FFFF) and all devices serial interfacing is set to API with escaping (AP=2, AO=0). I have als turned off the Flow Control (D6=0, D7=0).

My problem is that initially I can establish that the devices are talking using shorter (5 min) sleep times (SP=7D0, SN=0F). However, when I increase the sleep time to beyond 5 minutes (for example 15 mins, SP=7D0, SN=2D), I lose all communication between the Coordinator and End Devices). I have replicated this over several wifi connections, several ESP8266 devices, several coordinators, and several end devices. Always the same result.

A few other settings that may be relevant. I have the end devices sleep mode (SM=4) the sleep time as (ST=1388), the sleep option as (SO=4), and the sampling rate at (IR=FFFF). Also the SP and SN setting for the Coordinator are currently well beyond those set for the end devices (SP=7D0, SN=2D0).

What I need to figure out are the correct settings to sleep the End Devices for 4-6 hours, have them wake up to send 1 message to the coordinator, then return to sleep mode again. I can't seem to hit the right combinations of Sleep and Sampling settings to do the trick. Anyone have a suggestion for me? Thanks in advance!
asked May 9, 2018 in XCTU by jgassett New to the Community (3 points)

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1 Answer

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Normally the XBee will only wake after SP*SN if there is a ZigBee message waiting for it. I'm not 100% sure on the precise interaction ATIR will have, if it will always force the wake or only fire when it does wake.

It might be worth trying to set SO=0x06 to force wake for ST after SP*SN. Maybe also drop down IR so that it will fire twice in the ST period to be on the safe side.
answered May 9, 2018 by jlovinger Veteran of the Digi Community (421 points)