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code 109, sms send timeout

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I configured a WR31 router with Ethernet WAN Failover to Cellular/Mobile
Everything seems working. When the Wan connection fails my PPP 1 LTE link is up and all connections are routed with a new static route.
When the Wan returns to operations the PPP1 link is down which is expected and all trafic is passed through the Wan.

To receive notifications whenever the failover is triggered I configured the Mail and SMS (Event Code and Event setting)

However I am stuck with the configured SMS alerts.
Nothing happens
I have had some SMS fired succesfully during testing but now for some reasons this does not work anymore.

A timeout can be seen in the Event log but I am clueless

17:02:23, 08 Jun 2018,code:109 reason:2,SMS send,Timeout
17:02:04, 08 Jun 2018,code:18 reason:0,SMTP success
17:02:03, 08 Jun 2018,code:18 reason:0,SMTP success
17:02:02, 08 Jun 2018,code:140 reason:0,GPRS URC NDISSTAT: 0,0,,"IPV4"
17:02:02, 08 Jun 2018,code:227 reason:14,Modem disconnected on asy 2,Normal Breakdown
17:02:02, 08 Jun 2018,code:17 reason:0,SMTP req by CMD email event.eml
17:02:02, 08 Jun 2018,code:5 reason:0,PPP 1 down

Any help would be appreciated.
Best regards
asked Jun 11, 2018 in Digi Connect Cellular by tronegedena New to the Community (1 point)

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