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Default sleep timeouts not working as expected

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I have XBee Pro SB2s (XBP24BZ7), and am creating a mesh networking using API mode 2.

All configuration is the default except PanID (ID) and ApiMode (AP).

I have a Co-Ordinator plugged into XCtu using an XBee Explorer.
I have an EndPoint attached to an Arduino Nano. When triggered it sends a 0x90 Recieve Packet every 1000ms.

The problem is that every time the EndPoint is triggered, the polled messages will fail to send N times until it starts to send OK.
The devices are connected OK, as I can use the Scan feature in XCtu to discover and read the EndDevices.

N has always been greater than 4 and has been as high as 8.

Once the N failed messages happen, I can stop sending packets for about 6-8 seconds and be able to start sending again without delay. However, going past that causes the N count to happen again.

I'm assuming a problem with Sleep/Timeouts, but these settings have not been changed from their defaults.

I can see the endpoint is sending the packets as expected using serial - it gets a 0xFF error code for the N messages which fail. These messages are never heard of by the Coordinator. I can see when the coordinator starts getting the messages using XCtu Console (or the Green LED on one of my XBee Explorers).

I would expect the delay to have a maximum value of SP * SN (320ms*1), but in reality, I'm getting 4-8 seconds.

If the problem is with sleeping, what changes to the default values do I need to reduce the send/receive delay to <500ms?
I have tried various other sleep modes, but none have solved my issue.

Thanks for any help.
asked Jun 26, 2018 in ZigBee PRO Featureset (and legacy ZNet 2.5) by jethrogillgren New to the Community (0 points)

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