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Dynamic C config for LTE Nimbelink Modem

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I am trying to configure the ifconfig() for a ppp conection using serial to a Nimbelink let-wm14 modem.
I have had success with the GEL3 modem but for some reason the same settings don't work.
I started with the sendexpect not working so I moved those commends to ModemSend and Modem Expect to set up the APN etc (they offer a document on what commands to use). Also I need to use ATDT0 to connect not ATD*99***1# which is odd but I get a connect response every time i use it.
When I at+cgpaddr = 1 the response is the static ip from T-Mobile.
BUT when I get past the ifpending(IF_PPP2) and do the ip_print_ifs() the IP is reported as not as it should ( I have a PDN with T-Mobile)
Does anyone know why the IP is not correct? is thre a setting in the IFCONFIG() I should use?
EDIT: if I use the myhostip it also shows the correct IP
Rob Berry
asked Jun 28, 2018 in Rabbit Software by rjberry New to the Community (0 points)
edited Jun 30, 2018 by rjberry

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