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does Digi-xbee python Library support Xbee Wifi S6B?

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Im sorry if this is not the right platform to discuss this issue Im facing. Since it was hosted by digi I thought posting here may lead me somewhere.


The above repository hosts digi-python library I can find IP based transmission of data in examples however having a closer look onto python-xbee/digi/xbee/devices.py python file which acts as a library to python-xbee/examples/communication/ip/SendIPDataSample/SendIPDataSample.py I am not able to locate digi.xbee.devices import WiFiDevice (WifiDevice).

My application demands me to use API mode on every Xbee S6B Is there any other library or any tutorial for understanding sampling of I/O of remote Xbee S6B modules connected across common network?

Note: I have acheived remote I/O sampling using X-CTU by configuring device AH-2, CE-2 and have joined every node to common network. By setting the TCP static I could send Remote AT commands to sample I/O. I find it difficult to do this via python due to lack of guidance.

Note2: I cannot use Ad-hoc as there are multiple nodes

Thanks in Advance
asked Jul 17, 2018 in 3rd Party Python and API development in other Languages by Hitheshkaranth New to the Community (1 point)

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