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ADC measuring in Digimesh firmware (3000) is not working.

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Hi, I try to get data from adc pin (XBEE3) and I get only value 1023 regardless of voltage on that pin.


1. I set up D2 pin to ADC measuring.
2. Than I send AT command (IS) to get results and it return me always value 03FF.

When I do the same with Zigbee firmware I get normal values.

Is that bug in Digimesh firmware?
asked Aug 31, 2018 in XBee3 DigiMesh by matuhrin New to the Community (0 points)

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1 Answer

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Thank's god, i've got exactly the same problem !

Is the voltage on D2 under 1.2V ?
answered Sep 6, 2018 by garraty_ray1 New to the Community (1 point)
No, voltage was 2.5V
Well the datasheet says that the adc pin only accept voltage under 1.2V.
Did you find a solution ?