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Modbus support on Transport WR31

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The short version: how am I supposed to use the WR31 to get data off of a Modbus device and onto the cloud (for an IoT dashboard/monitoring system)?

I recently purchased a Transport WR31 with the intention of using it to remotely monitor some industrial devices in the field using Modbus. I am beginning to regret this decision, as the only documentation I can find barely covers anything except how to set up the serial port.

The one other similar issue on this forum says that the transport only acts as a gateway between Modbus TCP/RTU networks, and that python would be necessary to configure the router to read a slave. The python bit at least gave me some hope, but I have not found any material covering that use anywhere in the documentation. The supported modules in the python doc doesn't even mention the Serial module, which I would expect to see when using a serial port.

The other question is here:

The python documentation I am looking at is here:

Has anyone else used these products to monitor remote Modbus equipment?
asked Sep 7, 2018 in Digi TransPort Cellular by wolfts89 New to the Community (1 point)
I have been trying to use the WR31 as a modbus gateway but its not working, keep giving me time out error

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2 Answers

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there is a python script to get values from modbus device and post to device cloud.

you will have to ask tech support about it


answered Sep 13, 2018 by James.Wilson Veteran of the Digi Community (1,227 points)
Hey, thanks for the answer.  I ended up getting in contact yesterday with tech support about it and they sent me python script and documentation.

I still need to work through it, but I believe it does what I am looking for.  It would have been nice if it was online with the other documentation.
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I am setting up a Transport device to monitor / control a Modbus device but I am using the Ethernet interface (ModbusTCP). I've found that the [pyModbusTCP](https://pypi.org/project/pyModbusTCP/) library works well so far from Python on the Transport. Ultimately, I'm using the Transport as a Modbus/MQTT translator.
answered Nov 19, 2018 by trpropst New to the Community (4 points)