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Close Advanced Digi Discovery Protocol Port

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Hello together,

When I run Nmap I see that Advanced Digi Discovery Protocol Port 2362 is open and I want to close that port. Is that possible?

I only found this:
"You can enable or disable access to ADDP service, but you cannot change the network port number for ADDP from its default.", but there is no API in the C code.

Can you help me with that?

PS: I am using netos7.5

asked Sep 24, 2018 in NET+OS by dragos1 New to the Community (0 points)

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1 Answer

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are you trying to completely disable ADDP? in that case, just do not start the service. in bsp_services.h:

* ENABLE_ADDP_SERVER is used to activate the ADDP server.
* Set ENABLE_ADDP_SERVER to FALSE to disable the ADDP server.
* @external
* @category Networking:ADDPConfiguration
* @since 6.2
answered Sep 25, 2018 by LeonidM Veteran of the Digi Community (4,490 points)
Thanks, it was helpful! :)
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