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How do I get LTE XBee3's to work with Hologram.io's Network

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Has anyone been able to connect one of the LTE (Cat1 or Cat-M) XBee's to hologram.io's network? Hologram tells me that that any AT&T or Verizon device should work on their network, but I cannot get a connection. I am able to connect a 3G XBee (AT&T) with their sim card, but not the LTE module. I did successfully connect my LTE-M XBee3 module with the AT&T sim from my cell phone, so I'm sure the module works, but I can't figure out the right settings for hologram.
asked Oct 16, 2018 in XBee Cellular by SRGDamiano New to the Community (2 points)
I am planning on using hologram sims with my XBee LTE/NB-IoT modem. So I'm interested as to whether you have solved this issue?

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1 Answer

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I am using a hologram SIM in a Cat1 device. I am having mixed results, but it could be due to the recent data connectivity incident.

Settings that worked for me:
AN: hologram

This is the only setting required on the device as far as I know.
answered Nov 16, 2018 by sneezesforattention New to the Community (1 point)