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iMX6UL U-Boot in debug mode

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I'm modifying u-boot on my ccimx6ulsbv and compiled it with "#define Debug". The debug output was printed but further u-boot updates failed with

Writing bootstream...../board/digi/common/cmd_bootstream/ncb.c:373: fcb_encrypt: Assertion `version == 1' failed.

In this method @assert(version == 1):
int fcb_encrypt(BCB_ROM_BootBlockStruct_t *fcb, void *target, size_t size, int version)
uint32_t accumulator;
uint8_t *p;
uint8_t *q;

// Check for nonsense.

assert(version == 1);
assert(size >= sizeof(BCB_ROM_BootBlockStruct_t));

Checking the source I found the following usages of this method:

r = fcb_encrypt(&bootblock->fcb, bootblock->buf, size, 1);
r = fcb_encrypt(&bootblock->fcb, bootblock->buf, size, 3);

So I guess that in Debug mode the second call will always fail?!
asked Oct 16, 2018 in Linux by mruetti New to the Community (2 points)

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