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costate IO and network System Mode Violation

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My programe run at lower version compiler say 7.3.3P but when I recompile in 10.72D. The confuncs run in costate have hit a "System Mode Violation" and stop.... The cofunc run healthy individually but when put two together problem occurs. The cofunc will run RS232 in PORT C talked to terminal and control some simple IO output in PORT A & B. I try Tcpip routine if IO or serial port functions are involved. Problem will occur.

Any solution?
asked Nov 19, 2018 in Rabbit Software by lmcheng New to the Community (1 point)

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1 Answer

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Dynamic C 10 is only for Rabbit 4000, 5000 and 6000-based products.

I'm not familiar with a "7.3.3P" version, but products built with Dynamic C 7 should be able to compile with Dynamic C 9.62.
answered Nov 29, 2018 by TomCollins Veteran of the Digi Community (1,510 points)