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Cellular 3G what are primary and secondary UARTS

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This code example is from Digi Micropython Programming Quide: Section How To Use The Primary UART.

Question: What is secondary UART?

I do not get this example code to working on Xbee Cellular 3G device properly. I have ATAP=4. If I put line print('READ') the the READ goes to uart, but if I use line u.write('Testing from XBee\n'), nothing happens? Can anyone please give me the working code for this?

from machine import UART
import sys, time
def uart_init():
u = UART(1)
u.write('Testing from XBee\n')
return u
def uart_relay(u):
while True:
uart_data = u.read(-1)
if uart_data:
stdin_data = sys.stdin.buffer.read(-1)
if stdin_data:
u = uart_init()

asked Dec 20, 2018 in Digi Connect Cellular by a.u.jentze New to the Community (2 points)

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