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Difference between Xbee3 & S2C & S1

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I’m searching for something to setup a lower power (Battery) Mesh Network. In my search I came out on the XBEE3. In my previous job, I have heard about it (XBEE 2) but never used it myself. It’s looks very interesting but I have some questions. In the description it was mentioned that it is one module for all protocols including Zigbee and DigiMesh. So if I understand correctly Xbee S1 is DigiMesh, XBEE S2C is Zigbee, XBEE 3 can do both?
I’m not sure jet which protocol I’m going to use. What I like to create is an automation system. The inputs are battery supplied, they mostly sleep. All non-electrical outputs will be battery supplied as well, such as valves (Water and compressed air), because there is no electrical connection nearby. For the electrical components I can do an AC-DC conversion. What do you recommend?
I don’t think it is possible but I have to ask, is there a possibility that de XBEE can wake up by an wireless command?
I can program the XBEE 3 in MicroPyton, what do I need for it? Software, hardware? Can all XBEE’s be programmed?
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