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hwckicj: can't open '/dev/misc/rtc'

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I want use RTC in Imx6ul (I have cc6ul sbc express) and I use yocto tool, I disbled rtc in MCA and enabled in main processor:

snvs_rtc {

status = "enabled";


snvs: snvs@020cc000 {
compatible = "fsl,sec-v4.0-mon", "syscon", "simple-mfd";
reg = <0x020cc000 0x4000>;

snvs_rtc: snvs-rtc-lp {
compatible = "fsl,sec-v4.0-mon-rtc-lp";
regmap = <&snvs>;
offset = <0x34>;
interrupts = <GIC_SPI 19 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>,

but it did not work and I get information:

snvs-secvio 20cc000.caam-snvs: can't get snvs clock
snvs-secvio 20cc000.caam-snvs: violation handlers armed - non-secure state

hctosys: unable to open rtc device (rtc0)

hwclock: can't open '/dev/misc/rtc': No such file or directory


asked Feb 1, 2019 in Linux by adi1525 New to the Community (5 points)

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