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Input data to database for xbee s1

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My project consists of:
-2 Xbee S1
-1 Arduino
-1 Xbee shield
-dht22 and soil moisture sensor

one xbee(remote) connected with sensors and arduino then send the data to another xbee(local) that is connected to laptop. I successfully transferred data from remote xbee to local xbee. I have some questions,

first one- can i send the data from local xbee to a database(eg:mysql/sqlite) using serial port? I just want to show the data on the interface(perhaps using php and html) If can, do you have the references for me to use.

Second question- Does xbee java works for my first question. I already tried but i'm lost halfway.

Third question- Can Digi Device Cloud acts as the database?

Thank you.
asked Apr 19, 2019 in Device Manager by najwa New to the Community (0 points)

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