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XBEE3 and digi-xbee python library

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Coming from the Synapse world I love that I can now flash a XBEE using micropython and the built-in MCU, but on Coordinators I like to power them from an external host such as a raspberry pi...

I noticed that the code I used on Xbee2 along with all the examples for the digi-xbee python library fail to run on the Xbee3. Is there a newer Library that supports Xbee3 or is there a mode I can flip to make Xbee3 compatible with this library? Currently you can't even call device.open() from XBeeDevice:

File "/home/pi/.local/lib/python3.5/site-packages/digi/xbee/devices.py", line 1259, in open
raise InvalidOperatingModeException("Could not determine operating mode")
digi.xbee.exception.InvalidOperatingModeException: Could not determine operating mode
asked May 20, 2019 in Python by joshuab1986 New to the Community (1 point)
Update on this... The error for determining operating mode was because the serial connection was hung up by another process.

I now have the code running with a Xbee3 connected, but it simply never discovers routers or end-devices (also xbee3)

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