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Pulse counter o xbee pro s2c - digital

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Is there any Dia module that I can count the number of pulses generated by a water meter sensor?
My sensor sends digital signals and the count is related to the water flow. But i don´t know how to count these pulses. The sensor is coupled to a Xbee pro s2C, where it´s a router, and the cordinator is an xbee pro s2c inside of the connect port X2. Any idea on how to count this? and I also want to send the data to the device cloud.
asked Jun 5, 2019 in Python by Enzo New to the Community (0 points)

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1 Answer

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Not sure what a Dia module is.
I use an S2 Zigbee module as an end device that runs on a battery and sleeps most of the time until woken up by a low power Hall sensor to pick up the magnet fitted to my meter. I just use logic CMOS chips to do edge detection and send out a short pulse on digital change. So no MCU. The Xbee is part of a network. All the clever stuff goes on at the coordinator that sends serial data to an Arduino and that's where the counting is done. The Arduino could do the cloud stuff but I don't. I monitor gas and electricity meters as well and loads of other things like room temperature.
I got most of my information from Faludi's book "Building wireless sensor networks". In my experience, XBees don't handle pulse counting very well and the best bet is to have a local MCU, let that do the counting then squirt the numbers out as a packet using the XBee
answered Oct 18, 2019 by Phil_S New to the Community (18 points)