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ipsec with greenbow vpn client

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I am trying to setup an ipsec vpn with greenbow vpn client. I followed the official documentation and the ipsec tunnel gets up and I can connect with the vpn client.

Strange thing is I can't connect to the local LAN as defined in the ipsec tunnel. In the connection overview I can see the tunnel is UP and client is connected. I can ping the local LAN IP address on the digi transport vpn tunnel, but that's all. I can't reach any host in that LAN. In my windows machine where I have the vpn greenbow client running I can see a new route has been added. The strange thing is the new route should use gateway (using remote LAN on the digi transport) but this gateway is not reachable. Please advise.

14:32:06, 14 Jun 2019,(344) IKE SA Removed. Peer: client,Successful Negotiation
14:32:06, 14 Jun 2019,Eroute 0 VPN up peer: client
14:32:06, 14 Jun 2019,New IPSec SA created by client
14:32:06, 14 Jun 2019,(344) New Phase 2 IKE Session xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx,Responder
14:32:06, 14 Jun 2019,(343) IKE Keys Negotiated. Peer: client
14:32:06, 14 Jun 2019,(343) New Phase 1 IKE Session xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx,Responder
asked Jun 18, 2019 in Digi TransPort Cellular by albandi New to the Community (0 points)

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