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Connectcore 6UL and ethernet phy issue

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Hi All,
I'm facing a problem with ethernet interfaces.
My custom board is populated with KSZ8081RNB (Rev id 1) ethernet phy.
At startup the ethernet interface are working well.
But if i run ifconfig ethX down followed by ifconfig ethX up the ethernet ports don't work anymore.
I saw there was a patch about KSZ8081 phy.

static void __init imx6ul_enet_phy_init(void)
* i.MX6UL EVK board RevA, RevB, RevC all use KSZ8081
* Silicon revision 00, the PHY ID is 0x00221560, pass our
* test with the phy fixup.
phy_register_fixup(PHY_ANY_ID, PHY_ID_KSZ8081, 0xffffffff,

* i.MX6UL EVK board RevC1 board use KSZ8081
* Silicon revision 01, the PHY ID is 0x00221561.
* This silicon revision still need the phy fixup setting.
#define PHY_ID_KSZ8081_MNRN61 0x00221561
phy_register_fixup(PHY_ANY_ID, PHY_ID_KSZ8081_MNRN61,
0xffffffff, ksz8081_phy_fixup);
This function is called at startup and each time i issue ifconfig ethX up.
Any idea ?
asked Jun 27, 2019 in Linux by ghermant New to the Community (2 points)

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