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WVA doesn't receive data from CanBus

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I am trying to get my WVA running but I have a problem with it.
I connected it to a John Deere and open the web interface, to check if it receives CAN data. But if I check it under ADMINISTRATION > ADAPTER STATUS, there is no engine speed, vehicle speed and 0 bits can data received.
I am running it on Windows 10 and Google Chrome if that matters. Is there anything basic I am missing? Tried it via direct wifi and network infrastructure. Also changed baud rate from auto to 250k.
I also tried it on the demo application for Adroid but doesn't receive any data aswell.
Don't know what else I can try, would love to get some help.
asked Jul 2, 2019 in ConnectWare Manager by ColinWeber New to the Community (0 points)

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