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Manual or circuit diagram for SX 868 Dev Kit board?

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I have the SX 868 Dev Kit. I found the SX 868 Module documentation: 90001538.
It is all working with XCTU.

What I don't have is a circuit diagram or any sort of technical information on the dev kit board. I am seeking info on the functions of headers, switches and LEDs.

Please provide a link to the dev board manual or circuit diagram.

asked Jul 13, 2019 in XBee3 by dazz New to the Community (17 points)

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Look for the text on the dev board. It will be XBIB something, probably XBIB-U or XBIB-C.

So either:



should have the info you need.
answered Jul 16, 2019 by NicholasYourIoT Veteran of the Digi Community (273 points)
selected Jul 1, 2020 by dazz