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Compatible Grove Sensors for XBee-PRO 900HP DigiMesh Kit

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I purchased a XBee-PRO 900HP DigiMesh Kit which comes with 3 XBee RF modules and 3 XBee Grove Development boards. I can communicate between the XBee modules just fine, I can send broadcasts and get back ACKs from remote XBee modules. Now I'm trying to attach a purchased Grove sensor to an XBee module in order to create a sensor network, and this kit was advertised to support Grove style sensors.

I purchased and connected a Grove Temperature/Humidity sensor v 1.3 AM2302. However, the sensor only reads a high value of 1023 on analog input or IOValue.HIGH on digital input. I've messed around with different pull-up/pull-down resistor parameters like PR and PD with no success. Tech support said the type of Grove sensors I have are not supported by this XBee kit because they are 'bi-directional' serial interfaces and so now I'm trying to find compatible Grove sensors and for the life of me I cannot find any. I understand that I can use a micro-controller like Arduino as an intermediary but I'm trying to create a simple sensor network with just Grove sensors.

Could someone help me with either getting the Grove sensor I already have to properly read data or point me to compatible Grove sensors so I can get my sensor network up and running!

Thanks! Any help is greatly appreciated!
asked Sep 5, 2019 in DigiMesh Proprietary Mesh Networking by guinnpartners New to the Community (0 points)

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