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wr21 mix 2 chips 4g

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hi guys

i bought the digi transport wr21 and my question is it possible to use 2 chips and mix the internet speed

like if i got 1 chip 4g with 20mb of connection

and another with 10mb

is possible to make a "bonding" for reach the 30mb in one?

or the secondary chip is only for redundant connection

and the other is about the 4g/3g , can i use the wr21 with one chip 4g and the secondary with a 3g chip?

sorry for my bad english haha
asked Sep 10, 2019 in Digi TransPort Cellular by ZedrikPE New to the Community (0 points)

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1 Answer

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By chip I assume you mean SIM

You can not bond (combine) the SIM's as only one is able to be live at a time in the WR21.

It is a fallback SIM if one fails (Redundancy)
answered Sep 10, 2019 by Bryonhu Seasoned Professional (197 points)