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What does "/ws/XbeeCore" "xpUpdateTime" response element really mean?

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On the Digi Remote Manager Programming Guide, p.286, I find:

Time the node was last discovered.

But I don't know what that really means, or in other words, what does that time really tell. Can a node be "discovered" several times so that it would be necessary to know when was the last time it was discovered? I thought the node was discovered only once on the very first time it joined a network. Or is it talking about the time a node was last "connected"?

Could please someone help me understand what does "xpUpdateTime" really tell?
asked Jan 22, 2020 in Web Services by m4l490n New to the Community (12 points)

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1 Answer

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Components ... Doesn't restore any reactions from a send_message direction. ... The burden to utilizing the XML design is that it is verbose. ... The off choice implies that Remote Manager will regard the push occasion as ... GET/ws/XbeeCore?condition=xpExtAddr='00:13:A2:00:00:00:00:00'&cache=false ...
answered Jan 23, 2020 by Rick55 New to the Community (2 points)
I don't really understand what you mean. I'm sending the command as:

curl -X GET https://user:pass@remotemanager.digi.com/ws/XbeeCore?condition=devConnectwareId=%2700000000-00000000-000000FF-FF000000%27