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Is this topic also applicable for the wr-31 (support/forum/60379)

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asked Mar 11, 2020 in Digi Connect Cellular by michel.laramee New to the Community (0 points)

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1 Answer

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Hello and welcome to the Digi Forums michel.laramee!

I had a brief look at that other post and it does have accurate information abet a bit dated.

I would definitely setup Digi SureLink on your device:

Except I would change the link retries value to 50 and rebootfails to 125 (other link had 99, we recommend 125 now).

Apart from that, all the rest of the information seems accurate.

I hope that information helps!

Digi Technical Support Engineer
answered Mar 12, 2020 by digi.jpac Community Contributor (68 points)