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Not able to see table created through spring boot java

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I am trying to see my table created through java in H2 console, but i cannot see any table created in H2 console. I am using spring boot, and i am not using spring security, just i have created a simple dummy code to try H2 database for understanding. I have tried many solutions provided on questions asked on the same topic on stack-overflow but non of them works for me.

My Config property file is:

Entity class code are as follows:

public class Alien {

private int aId;
private String aName;

public int getaId() {
return aId;

public void setaId(int aId) {
this.aId = aId;

public String getaName() {
return aName;

public void setaName(String aName) {
this.aName = aName;

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