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Full cloning one fully functional RCM6760 to a new RCM6760 Board

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Hello from Spain,
I am new to Dynamic C environment, using windows 7.
I wish to copy complete programme/codes etc from one fully functional RCM6760 board to a newly purchased empty RCM6760 board. Need to know which cloning product can be used and how to do it.
I read about cloning RCM3200 and there is some "extract_flash.c" utility for DC 9 in the repository. Is there something similar for DC 10? Any other procedure?
This is for repair of device where the manufacturer has gone out of business.
Thanks in advance.
asked Mar 24, 2020 in Rabbit by PPtronik New to the Community (2 points)

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1 Answer

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There is a program called download_flash.c in the folder below; you will download this program to RAM in order to download what is in flash.
answered Mar 24, 2020 by Campbell Veteran of the Digi Community (914 points)
Thanks for replying so quickly.
I have the RCM6760 board mounted on a PCB wich has one USB port with a FTDI 232 chip. I can see the virtual COM port in my Windows 7 PC but no really sure about I get access to the RCM6760 board. When I select "Compile to Target / Store Program in RAM" in Dynamic C, I get the message: "When sending Cold Loader: No Rabbit Processor Detected".
Later, I discovered that I have to pull-up the SMODE pin (49), to enter in program mode.
After that, I got a window showing the IP address (I have an ethernet cable connected to the same network than my PC).
At last, opening that IP on a web browser I get a link with the file BOOT.BIN and clicking there I can download the file to my computer.
I'm telling all the procedure just in case anyone can find it useful.
Thanks again.
Hi again. I did not try uploading the .BIN file to my RCM6760 till now. From Dynamic C, I cannot find a menu where to load the bin file and send it to hardware. Reading the manual I guess I found the way to do it via command line RFU. I execute the following: clrfu -i c:\boot.bin -s 4:115200 but I get CRC32 mismatch, file corrupted. I compiled the example "PONG.C" and if I try the previous method to upload to the board, I don't have any errors, so I guess the bin file is the problem.
What I am doing wrong extracting the file from the working board?
All answer will be appreciated.
Full cloning one fully functional RCM6760 to a new RCM6760 Board