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Getting message "ImportError: no moduled name digi"

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When I try to run any of the Bluetooth Test programs I keep getting the message
"ImportError: no moduled name digi". I've downloaded the latest versions of XCTU and PyCharm.
asked Apr 6 in MicroPython by brungsmc New to the Community (0 points)

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What is the part number of the XBee module you are working with and what firmware version is installed?

Digi Support
answered Apr 6 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (12,791 points)
I've even tried copying the code from PyCharm into the MicroPython terminal in XCTU and I get the same message
I'm using an Xbee3.

The firmware version is 2006

Do you have the Blue tooth function enabled?

Digi Support
Hi Brungsmc,

If you take a look at the README file for any of the Bluetooth samples, you will find that the minimum firmware version supported on XBee 3 802.15.4 is 200A. For example: https://github.com/digidotcom/xbee-micropython/tree/master/samples/bluetooth/gap_advertise

200A is not yet released, so you cannot currently run any of the Bluetooth samples on XBee 3 802.15.4 hardware. You can, however, run some samples such as gap_advertise on XBee 3 Zigbee 1009.
I do have the Bluetooth enabled
Thanks for the help.  I was actually testing that out when I got your notification.  I appreciate your help