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Forwarding telnet to serial on Portserver TS 4 for connection to a BBS

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I am trying to configure the Portserver TS 4 to connect from telnet to a serial port (COM1) on a standard Windows machine.

The BBS software shows connected(0) and the web page of the Portserver says there is a connection, but there is no display on the client terminal program, like the BBS software is waiting for something from the connecting client. Hitting enter multiple times does not help. Once I choose hang up in the terminal software on the connecting machine, it drops the connection from the Portserver and BBS like it is supposed to, just never any output on the client.

I was following a prior post that suggested reverse telnet, linking to an article for further instructions:


although I can not open that particular article. Having access to this KB article would be very helpful I would think.

Also mentioned in replies to the prior post was setting up a telnet hunt group, linking to another article I can not open:


This article would also be very helpful.

Any assistance on these matters would be very much appreciated.

asked Apr 10 in Other/Legacy by dgalloway67 New to the Community (0 points)

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