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Problem sending Transmit Request frame

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Hi. I'm trying to send a message from my router to the coordinator using Transmitting Request Frame (0x10) but without success. Both nodes are in the same network, since before sending this packet I send ND from API Mode and receive a proper respond from the coordinator.

this is my packet

Request_Frame[] = {0x7E,0x00,0X13,0X10,0X01,0X00,0X00,0X00,0X00,0X00,0X00,0X00,0X00,0X00,0X00,0X00,0X00,0X48,0X65,0X6C,0X6C,0X6F,0X92};

As my message ("hello") is going to be transmitted to a coordinator, the destiny address is
and 16 bit address

PS: I don't receive either the packet in the coordinator or the respond in the router
asked Apr 14, 2020 in IEEE 802.15.4 by gomezramones New to the Community (1 point)

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1 Answer

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No response on transmitter side as well signals that API frame is probably not in proper format.

I would suggest you to make use of "Frame Generator" tool in XCTU to design properly formatted API frames:

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answered Apr 15, 2020 by mathur Veteran of the Digi Community (289 points)