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I need output for the following basic python program

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Source Code Using a temporary variable in python

# Python program to swap two variables

x = 5
y = 10

# To take inputs from the user
#x = input('Enter value of x: ')
#y = input('Enter value of y: ')

Reference : https://nareshit.com/python-online-training/

# create a temporary variable and swap the values
temp = x
x = y
y = temp

print('The value of x after swapping: {}'.format(x))
print('The value of y after swapping: {}'.format(y))
asked Jun 15, 2020 in ConnectWare Manager by Narendra New to the Community (0 points)

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1 Answer

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I think the output is we have given any values so the output is swapping means x=y and y=x.

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answered Jun 16, 2020 by markcoblin New to the Community (1 point)