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Time of Flight measurement using Xbee

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Hello, im trying to build a localization system.
First I have tried to use the RSSI of Xbee. I had some decent results (+- 5 meter tolerance).
I will try to decrease this to +- a meter.

Are there setting in the Xbee to process always at the exact time?
So for example: I send a request, start a clock to count clock pulses and wait till i got a response. Once i get a respond i stop the timer and calculate the time it took.

Is the time that the XBee is taken to respond always the same?
asked Jul 2 in IEEE 802.15.4 by 414184 New to the Community (2 points)

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1 Answer

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Not supported on Digi XBee module but 'Terminal' tab in XCTU puts time-stamp on each API frame send or received. You can then so simple math to calculate time difference.

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answered Jul 3 by mathur Community Contributor (100 points)
Thanks for ur answer but im not seeing it in the Terminal window. This is what im seeing: https://imgur.com/a/dwE5DxA

And also, does it display the time in microseconds, pico seconds? Because i will need precision like that for distance calculation if i want the best accuracy.
I can see the timestamp right there in your screenshot besides frame ID. Its 13:37:36.752 for first frame and 13:37:36.825 for second one.

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