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Lock LR54 to specific LTE channel

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Is this possible to achieve?
It usually goes for B8 in my area but I know that Im getting way better performance and lower latency at B7. I'm about to replace the LR54 due to the poor performance :(

I've tried creating a new band entry:
digi.router> atcommand cellular1 AT!ENTERCND="A710"


digi.router> atcommand cellular1 at!band=10,"B7",0,0000000000000040


at!band=? returns the following:
Index, Name
00, All bands
01, Europe 3G
02, North America 3G
06, Europe
07, North America

Does this mean that it's not possible to achieve with this device?
asked Aug 10, 2020 in Digi TransPort Cellular by palwar New to the Community (0 points)

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1 Answer

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Yes, this is possible. I did it recently on my LR54. I think you are using the correct commands, but the AT command needs to be in quotes.

For example, to enter the admin mode:
digi.router> Atcommand cellular1 "at!entercnd=\"A710\""
answered Aug 17, 2020 by kurtsmith38 New to the Community (1 point)