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Remote Management with a Private APN

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I will try to exemplify the topology.

LAN(>FW<---VPN--->APN(<---Digi WR11/31--->

I want to manage my Digi WR11 from a PC on the network.

I have a VPN from a Fortinet FW to a private APN.

The Digi WR11 obtains an available IP from the private APN network on its mobile interface.

The ethernet port of the Digi WR11 has the ip configured.

I can ping from the workstation to the ip that the Digi gets with its mobile interface.


Haciendo ping a con 32 bytes de datos:
Respuesta desde bytes=32 tiempo=1357ms TTL=246
Respuesta desde bytes=32 tiempo=425ms TTL=246
Respuesta desde bytes=32 tiempo=405ms TTL=246
Respuesta desde bytes=32 tiempo=593ms TTL=246

Estadísticas de ping para
Paquetes: enviados = 4, recibidos = 4, perdidos = 0
(0% perdidos),
Tiempos aproximados de ida y vuelta en milisegundos:
Mínimo = 405ms, Máximo = 1357ms, Media = 695ms

I can also ping from the Digi to the workstation.

Command: ping
Command result

Pinging Addr []

sent PING # 1
PING receipt # 1 : response time 0.24 seconds
Iface: PPP 1
Ping Statistics
Sent : 1
Received : 1
Success : 100 %
Average RTT : 0.24 seconds


I need to be able to have communication from the workstation to the LAN of the Digi WR11 (

I've already tried NAT and static routes, but haven't succeeded.

Could you support me with any suggestions please?
asked Sep 3, 2020 in Digi TransPort Cellular by hernandez New to the Community (0 points)

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1 Answer

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Hi Freddy and welcome to Digi Forum!

I think this question is duplicated, but just in case, I will provide here same suggestions as my previous answer:

If you would like to reach specific devices on the WR11 LAN, you can try to use port forwarding, please see here two available options (the firewall option is more flexible so maybe would be better for your needs): https://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/qn_004_port_redirection.pdf

It also depends on how the LAN devices are configured, so please check that the LAN devices have default gateway/routing properly configured to use the WR as gateway.

If still this does not help, please open a Tech Support case writing an email to tech.support@digi.com, providing a backup file from the router being sure to include at least the debug,txt file in it so we can check all the details.
Please also check Digi Support levels options here: https://www.digi.com/support


Digi Technical Support Team
answered Sep 15, 2020 by annydigi Community Contributor (96 points)