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AW-USB-2 is not detected and will not reset

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AnywhereUSB 2, new to me.
Connect power, slow green blink on status (ok). Ethernet link ok on AW-USB and at switch. But I can't discover the device using either Digi Device Discovery utility or Anywhere USB Config Utility.
I figure the previous user may have set static IPs etc. and all I need to do is factory reset. But it doesn't work. What I have done:
1. hold down reset button on front panel
2. apply power
3. Observation: all three front panel lights blink red after about one second, with the status light changing from red to yellow. Then all lights stay off, forever. No 1-5-1 blink of the status light. Just nothing.

Any suggestions? Much appreciated!
asked Sep 8, 2020 in USB Serial by NX7U New to the Community (0 points)

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