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digi xbee python version

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I need to manage several version of the digi python library https://github.com/digidotcom/xbee-python/releases

And normally in python to get the version of the package, I just do
import package_name
However it doesn't work with the digi-xbee one. I have check and at least in the old release I a unable to find the __version__ file.
So how can I check the version of the digi xbee library that I am currently using from python.

Thanks in advance
asked Sep 28, 2020 in 3rd Party Python and API development in other Languages by vincentlc New to the Community (2 points)

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Hi vincentlc,

The __version__ attribute is a de-facto standard that modules and packages SHOULD provide, but it is not mandatory (see https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0396/). It seems the digi-xbee library does not provide this attribute.

I did some experimentation and found that you can retrieve the version of the library using pkg_resources as follows:

>>> import pkg_resources
>>> pkg_resources.get_distribution('digi-xbee').version

I will suggest that the Python XBee library developers add a __version__ attribute to future releases.
answered Sep 30, 2020 by tckr Veteran of the Digi Community (514 points)
selected Sep 30, 2020 by vincentlc
Thanks a lot, works perfectly