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Digi CM 16 firmware upgrade from v1.7.0.1 to v1.9.5.3

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@here, can you please help me with the following queries, thanks in advance.

- I have a Digi CM 16 with the current Firmware version, can I able to upgrade directly to v1.9.5.3.
- Can someone please share me the release notes of
- Does this upgrade has any issues in SSH/web access for root user.
- How can I rollback to old firmware if needed
asked Oct 5, 2020 in Console Servers by pravieen New to the Community (0 points)

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1 Answer

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It looks like there are several fixes for SSH included in the upgrade, see the release notes below:

You can find the Release Notes at this link:

Web page:

Rolling back software is not recommended.
answered Oct 29, 2020 by Campbell Veteran of the Digi Community (916 points)