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Reboot after ping timeout

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Hi All:

I have this strange problem happening that I have only ever seen in India.
I thought it was related to IKEV1 so I switched all my field units to IKEV2 (after teaching myself how to do that) but I'm still seeing this issue.
The Digi's are the field units connected to Cisco ISR4431. What happens, from time to time, is that the field units negotiate phase 1 fine, phase 2 appears to complete and unit the tunnel gets dropped. This will go on and on.
The only recourse we have is to send a reboot via SMS. Occasionally it may require 2 reboots but usually after a single reboot the tunnel comes up and all is well.
This does not happen often but it does happen.

I am already using the SIM fail over but that is using google's as a ping response and it doesn't fail because the GPRS is up, its just the IPSec that won't come up.
So, I would like to ping the internal gateway of my VPN network inside the cisco. If the Digi does not get a response in say 300 seconds, I want the Digi to reboot.

Is there a menu setting where I can set that up of do I need to use a python script to do it?

asked Oct 9 in Digi TransPort Cellular by jserink Community Contributor (64 points)

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3 Answers

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Setup Eth1 on the VPN routers network then use the same ping timeout reboot with the routers network.
answered Oct 11 by Bryonhu Seasoned Professional (195 points)
Good suggestion but, the reboot appears to only be available  on the ppp interfaces, not the Eth interfaces.
Unless I'm reading that wrong.

I see there is a setting "Use the ETH 0 IP address as the source IP address"

Make Eth1 you Internet to FE WAN on router
then use Eth0 after setting up on router network.

Not able to test this right now though, just a thought.
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looks like advertising spam to me.

answered 6 days ago by jserink Community Contributor (64 points)
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IF the "Use the ETH 0 IP address as the source IP address" didn't work then you could always add an external device such as a "Webrelay" which would connect to the VPN router and ping a address within your network, once ping is lost the webrelay can be configured to reboot the Digi.

answered 6 days ago by Bryonhu Seasoned Professional (195 points)