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ConnectCore 6UL SBC Pro DEY 3.0 R.2 microphone not working

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I updated the firmware of my to most recent version.
I connected a capacitive mic to mic pins of the card.
When I execute the below commands:
arecord --format=S16_LE --channels=1 --rate=44100 micro.wav --duration=10
aplay micro.wav
all I hear is a white noise.

I've tried with various levels of MIC1 and MIC2 input and boost levels. ( of course the level of noise decreases when I decrease MIC2 level and MIC2 boost level)
I have tried with several microphones.
Any suggestions are welcome.
asked Nov 6, 2020 in Embedded Devices by serhankars New to the Community (1 point)
Did it work with dey-3.0.r1? Have you tried this on a dev board?
No, it did not work with dey-3.0.r1 also.
dey-3.0.r1 image was the one that I've build myself with pulseaudio and etc added to it. I thought my image may be the problem so I updated the firmware with the Digi's pre-built images. I've only tried on ConnectCore 6UL SBC Pro 1GB flash 1GB RAM version. Thank you.
are you connecting your external microphone to 8-pin, 1.25 mm pitch expansion connector (J26). The following table shows the pinout of this connector:

Pin Signal name Description

1    MIC_N      Microphone input negative signal

2    MIC_P      Microphone input positive signal

To record a stereo WAV audio file with 10 seconds duration from line-in:

~# arecord -f cd sound.wav --duration 10
Yes I connected my microphone to first two pins of J26.
Since I connected my microphone to microphone pins, I used the command in my first my message to record sound.

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