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RSSI from RPC call to the main controller

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Hey there guys! I am trying to create an indoor localization system. I have purchased many S2C Xbee's and I am trying to place four on each corner of the room and trying to implement a mesh network which was very easy with Syanpse RF1000P86. The workflow I have planned is below.
1. The tags Xbee's will be sending out a ping kind of broadcast to all readers around the room with their address and are powered by battery with 3 seconds sleep period.
2. The readers will get the strength for the rpc/broadcast call Xbee and pass the information to the fifth xbee connected to the PC with its own id, tag's id and the rssi.

Now I am unable to translate the code below.
asked Feb 4, 2021 in Python by umernaeem217 New to the Community (0 points)

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