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how to convert default.gpj file to Makefile

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Hi all,

I am using the Green hills software with Multi IDE,created a simple project called helloworld,after compiling this project getting default.gpj file,

I want to convert this default.gpj file to Makefile, I am using the gpjmodify utility with below command "gpjmodify default.gpj -generate_makefile", but after giving this command in DOS getting a error message
"gpjmodify is not an internal and external command" ,

please help, how to solve this issues and how to convert default.gpj file to makefile using gpjmodify utility,

How to enable the gpjmodify utility in green hills software?

asked Feb 8, 2021 in Windows CE by Usha New to the Community (0 points)

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2 Answers

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"gpjmodify is not an internal and external command"
this means you do not have gpjmodify in your PATH variable. Either add folder containing it to the path or call it explicitly with full path like "c:\GHS\bin\gpjmodify default.gpj -generate_makefile"
answered Feb 8, 2021 by LeonidM Veteran of the Digi Community (4,490 points)
Hi guys,

waiting for your replies.
Thank you so much for the reply,

after giving "C:\GHS\bin\gpjmodify default.gpj -generate_makefile" getting the same error,

when I launch the IDE "Multi_716",

utility->launch utility programs,

 I am able to see gstack,gfile,gwhat,gversion,gnm,gsize utility programs but not finding gpjmodify utility,

is this one is the problem? how to enable the gpjmodify utility?
Thanx for answers.
This question should be directed to Greenhills. Digi stopped supporting Greenhills compiler many years ago.
I am not able to find green hills forums,If any one know green hills forums then please share me.
honestly, I am not sure GHS is still alive. I'd recommend switching to GNU compiler. You'd be able to use a much newer version of Netos this way. We stopped supporting GHS in Netos 7.4, which at this point is full of bugs and security vulnerabilities.
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The gpjmodify utility is under the compiler directory.
Use as below:
C:\GHS\comp_<version>\gpjmodify default.gpj -generate_makefile
answered Apr 13 by lvs New to the Community (1 point)