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Datawave Corp RS-485 Wireless Bridge, XBee based. Problem

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Datawave Wireless Corp. RS-485 Wireless Bridge. I recently purchase two of these, they contain XBee radio modules. www.datawavewireless.com Devices not working, appear to be taking to each other but not passing my data. I am using 4 wire RS-485 mode.

Company apparently out of business. Does anyone have any experience with these ?
asked Apr 6, 2021 in RF Solutions and XBee by Herm New to the Community (1 point)
recategorized Apr 13, 2021 by LeonidM
Additional information to my post: embedded module is XBee PRO S2C

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1 Answer

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I've had this issue before and solved it.

In the manual I changed these in my devices.

For point-to-point mode DH & DL on Radio A should be set to the SH & SL values of Radio B and vice versa.
answered Apr 12, 2021 by xqvier New to the Community (3 points)
Thank You !! Are the settings DH, DL, SH, SL you mentioned on the XBee device within the Datawave device.

Have you used 4 wire RS-485 mode ?

Does the Datawave device baud rate need to be set to baud rate of my RS-485 data stream ?

Thanks Again ?? Please stay in touch